How The NeuralGlider® Inserter Works

How it works

The NeuralGlider Inserter uses ultrasonic micro-vibration to reduce forces and resultant dimpling during neural implant insertions. The standard system includes a linear motor for precise, automated control of insertion depth and speed, an Actuator for variable-power vibration of the implant, and a low-profile microscope camera to enable detailed view of the surgical field. The NeuralGlider Inserter mounts to a standard stereotaxic frame (not included).

Innovative Micro-vibration for Reduced Insertion Force

The NeuralGlider Inserter micro-vibration amplitude can be controlled though the Actuator power setting to optimize insertion of each neural implant. The reduction of force (ROF) required to penetrate tissue varies with the Actuator power, or displacement. ROF >90% is achievable with most neural implants. 

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Neural Implants

The NeuralGlider Inserter standard system includes an Array Clamp designed to ‘couple’ or hold Omenticsstyle connectors for insertion of fixed arrays (or arrays secured firmly to the skull). The Array Clamp can be rotated 360° to enable careful positioning of the microelectrode shanks during surgery. 

Custom coupling solutions are available to facilitate NeuralGlider Inserter use with a wide range of commercial and ‘homemade’ implant styles. Rental or purchase of the NeuralGlider Inserter includes engineering time to support development of a coupler for your preferred neural implant.