Resources for The NeuralGlider® Inserter

Engineering Time Included

Our team commits up to 8 hours of engineering to fabricate a customized coupler designed to match the unique characteristics of your electrode. This step is important to your results, as it ensures the accurate translation of vibrations through the coupler and into the electrode. This sets the foundation for precise insertion. This process is encompassed within the cost of the NeuralGlider Inserter.

NeuralGlider Inserter Support Documentation

Model 101 Operator’s Manual

NeuralGlider Inserter Operator's Manual

Model 102 Operator’s Manual

Data Sheet

Camera System

Directions for Use ​

  Cortex Agarose Model with 1.5% Pia Layer

Coupling Method: 

PEG Bonding

Vacuum Coupler

Directions for Use

NeuralGlider Inserter Operator's Manual